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At Rochester Tech Repairs, our goal is to find reliable solutions to many of the electronic devices you use every day.


Hard drive failures, broken displays, dead batteries to keyboard replacements, where there is a problem, we will fix it!


We supply custom PC builds for small to large businesses, home systems and professional gamers. We also provide hardware solutions and upgrade options.

Mobile Devices

Whatever smart phone you have, we have a replacement screen for you.


At Rochester Tech Repairs, we are committed to providing fair and reasonable prices. We do many ranges of devices, not all of them listed below.

Hard Drive Replacement (500gb) $70.00
Laptop LCD Replacement $120.00
iPhone 4 Screen Replacement $90.00
iPhone 4s Screen Replacement $90.00
iPhone 5 Screen Replacement $104.00
iPhone 5s and 5c Screen Replacement $113.00
iPhone 6 Screen Replacement $109.00
iPod Touch 4th Generation Screen Replacement $75.00
iPad Mini 1st Generation Glass $120.00
iPad Generation 2 Glass $100.00
iPad Generation 2 Glass + LCD $135.00
Macbook Pro 13" LCD $175.00
Macbook Pro 13" LCD + Glass $250.00

These prices are for informational purposes and do not represent a guarantee in pricing or availability of services. Rochester Tech Repairs reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.

Meet Our Team

At Rochester Tech Repairs, we believe that a dedicated staff makes a true difference in quality when it comes to our services.

Evan Basta

Co-Founder & President

Evan Basta, Eagle Scout, is a current senior at the University of Rochester studying Computer Science. Cofounder and President of Rochester Tech Repairs, Evan is dedicated to providing IT systems that improve the lives and productivity of campus communities. With his skills as a computer scientist and his background in music from the Eastman School of Music, Evan focuses his entrepreneurship on web development, university IT integration and customer satisfaction.

As a previous university IT employee and an avid custom PC builder, Evan has years of experience in the IT repair industry. Evan began taking apart gaming systems at the age of 16 and has since expanded his knowledge onto computers, tablets, iPods and cell phones. From years of computer science research and classes, Evan has a rich and broad understanding of the science behind computers and how they work from a basic level.

James T. Nathan

Co-Founder & C.E.O.

James T. Nathan is currently a student at the University of Rochester where he serves as President of the University’s chapter of The Optical Society (OSA). He will graduate with the class of 2017 with degrees in Business and Engineering Science and a minor in Optics from the world renowned Institute of Optics. James designed and built his first custom computer at the age of fourteen. His technical expertise started as simple curiosity, tinkering with displaced laptops, printers, and other devices. In high school, he attended the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he served as Master Carpenter of the theatre department. His training in stage lighting, sound, carpentry, and rigging helped foster his interest in mechanical, electrical, and optical systems. Since then, his love for designing, building, and repairing hardware systems has grown into passionate academic and business pursuits.

As cofounder and CEO of Rochester Tech Repairs, James focuses on the long term goals of the business. He has a strong presence in day-to-day operations but his main pursuits are building new revenue streams, budgeting, setting strategic goals, and customer acquisition.

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